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  • Healthcare Recovery - (Led by Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson) Health & Wellness
  • What do you do when you or a family member have been hit with a devastating disease that you survive through, like cancer? How do you recover, get back on your feet - getting back to life. What do you do? Where do you go?
    This group is for people who w...  more
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    • Last updated April 7, 2012


Healthcare Recovery - (Led by Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson)

  • Montse Puertas
  • Jose Hernandez
  • Tatiana Filippova
  • Awele Ilobah
  • David Bowman
  • Peter Schellinck
  • Bonnie Kanner
  • Elizabeth Chabner Thompson
    Elizabeth Chabner Thompson: FDA and Generics
    My good friend Maria is afraid of flying.  Before she packs her bag in preparation for flight, she also makes an appointment with her doctor and gets a prescription for Xanax.  She asks for the brand name and only a few tablets, because s...  more
    • April 16, 2012
  • Jim Surek
  • William Baumel